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Fall Hunting Special

We have some room for do-it-yourself hunters. All stand locations set up and lodging.

2017 summer bucks waiting on you for bowhunting 1800 -- 6 days

If any hunter wants to come up for the spring scouting trips, just give us a call to see what we're about. Come on up, if you like what you see you can call your hunters!! Also anyone that books a hunt with me gets fishing trips /shed hunts as well as all the exploring real cheap, yes, half of what the rest charges call me and we will discuss what we can do for a memorable hunting and fishing experience!!

Our hunts run from Sunday noon until noon Saturday. We try real hard to make sure your hunt is a success. If you email me, i will answer as soon as possible also leave phone number if you want

$500.00 deposit required to book a hunt. I will contact you immediately when the deposit has been received.--there is no refund of deposits but another hunter can take the place or in some instances can be forwarded to next year

Archery hunt open in mid sept. for bucks -- bear opens aug 15 large unhunted bear area--- fall archery deer hunt is 1800 --- this includes lodging baited stands active baits where the big bucks are , do your own cooking hunt when you want , come to main base to hang/process deer and clean up have supper here then back at it again if need be also trailers/on private land with boat/motor for fishing with nice beach also -----bring your own stand /food or buy here includes check ins baiting, this is a great chance for the money opens mid sept. so call me if interested thanx swamp-

  • Private land, plus hunting lake point and islands by boats, can be combined with fall musky fishing, etc. You can have it all on this one.
  • 6-days - includes meals, lodging, guiding, etc--baited stands in remote areas.

Deer Hunters! This year we have REMOTE HUNTS AT 1800 EACH DO OWN COOKING----1800 A WEEK 6 DAYS

November Rut Hunt - Last Week of October - ---2500

  • Also private land and water hunting. Here you watch scrape lines, natural funnels, feed sources, A good chance for a Big One.
  • 6-days - includes meals, lodging, guiding, etc. a 5% tax is extra on all hunts but is refunded to you by mail-forms here and will help fill out if need be.i got great private land surrounded by no hunting and i take youse far into wilderness to ladder stands tents on funnels we can let our hunters hunt in there preffered method-- this hunt includes everything also forced movement on big bucks --- there can be disgounts on groups /couples/familys seniors --- 1-807-543-1307

Archery Hunt for big bucks in early fall + Fishing accommodations all summer and fall. - $1800 all meals and lodging included. The Fishing would be even cheaper.

Image of a deer.
Image of a deer.



Please make sure to bring old hunt license and if any hunters have had a felony conviction maybe check with customs about entering also balance of hunt is to be paid on arrival in cash or certified check/traverler's checks etc.-all deposits or payments are to be made out to swampers guide service-thanx

For all you hunters that already have your own lodging, I can set you up on the big bucks, Yes, I will have things ready when you arrive all baiting,scouting stands/sheds, etc. For all you Musky/Sport Fishermen, email about our Lodging/meal rates!